CrossFit XD – CrossFit

Bench Press

Take 15 minutes to complete the following:

-Complete 5 reps

-Add 10lbs per set for 5 sets

-All sets completed CONSECUTIVELY. Have Partners change weights. You will not leave bench until all your sets are completed.

**Choose a starting weight that you can successfully complete first 5 sets, adding the 10lbs per set.

-Then work your way back DOWN to your starting weight, decreasing by 10lbs per set.

-Total of 10 sets

*ALL sets will be completed CONSECUTIVELY. Have your partners switch out your weight. You will complete all your sets before coming off the bench.

-After you have completed all sets, complete your MAX set unbroken pushups

**NO REST between sets, or between last bench set and pushups!

-Total of 10 sets

**SCORE is MAX number of pushups**
*If you work in groups of 3 it will go fast. Have a person on each side of the barbell and as soon as you finish the set of 5 they will change the weight for you and you will finish all sets consecutively.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

9 minute AMRAP

3 devils press 50/35


9 DB hang power cleans 50/35
*Complete as many reps as possible in 9 minutes.

*Should be a sprint

*Score is for total reps

*18 reps per round


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