CrossFit XD – CrossFit

squat snatch (1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1)

1 squat snatch every minute on the minute (12 min EMOM)

*build as heavy as possible
*pick a goal weight to end at, and try to figure out a good weight to start with to achieve that goal!

*build every set

*have your weights ready

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

25 min Emom (work for 45 sec)

1: Over Head Squats 105/65

2: Pull Ups

3: Sit-Ups

4: Push-Press 105/65

5: Rest

*MUST stop at the 45sec mark

*Score is MAX reps per round

OHS 135/105


Push Press 135/105

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